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Antique print showing the defeat of Spanish galleys by an Anglo-Dutch naval force off the coast of Flanders, 3-4 Oct. 1602, by Johannes Rem, published by Willem Blaeu.

Dawn of the Blaeu Dynasty - Johannes Rem's 1602 'Defeat of Spanish Galleys'.
The most important Marine Print of the early Dutch Baroque.

Typus octo longaru[m] naviu[m]. Anno M.VI.c.II ab Hispaniae rege missaru[m] ad Oceanum Belgicum infestandu[m]. quarum naviu[m] quatuor Angloru[m] atq³ Hollandoru[m] virtute conquassatae sunt et submersae: ceterae naufragio periere. - Johannes Rem - Willem Blaeu, c. 1602.

Item number: 26804 - Price: €60000 ($67200 / £53400)
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Old antique print showing the depiction of a Dutch proverb: Big Fish Eat Little Fish, by Pieter van der Heyden after Pieter Bruegel the Elder, published by Hieronimus Cock.

*** First state of Bruegel's very rare and famous print Big Fish Eat Little Fish ***

GRANDIBUS EXIGVI SVNT PISCES PISCIBUS ESCA. / Siet sone dit hebbe ick zeer langhe gheweten, dat die groote vissen de cleijne eten. - Hieronymus Cock, 1557.

Item number: 24860 - Sold
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Old antique print showing an allegorical picture of laziness, attributed to Frans Huys after Jheronimus Bosch or Cornelis Massijs, published by Joannes Galle.

*** Extremely rare first state of Frans Huys' Laziness ***

[No title - Title of second edition: La Paresse] - attributed to Frans Huys,  after J. Bosch, published by J. Galle, between 1550 and 1562.

Item number: 25566 - Sold
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