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Antique map of Brazil - Pernambuco by Visscher Nic. I

Item number:20793
Category:Antique maps > america > south america
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Hanc Tabulam continens laetam Pharnambuci: Victoriam,amplissimis prudentissimis confultissimisq dominis D. Societatis indiae occidentalis curatoribus nec non Fortissimo Victoriofissimoq, domino D. Henrico C. Lonq - Visscher Nic. I ,c. 1640. VERY RARE
Copper engraving
Size: 36 x 46cm (14 x 18 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Old coloured, excellent.

Very rare map of Pernambuco. The map shows the Dutch fleet, under the command of Hendrick Corneliszoon Loncq, capturing the city in 1630 from the Portuguese. Above the map is a large inset map of the eastern coast of Brazil.
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