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Antique map of Bretagne by Waghenaer L.J.

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Verthoninghe van de Zee Custen van Bretaignen ... tusschen S: Malo en Rouscou - Waghenaer L.J., 1600.

Sea chart of the north coast of Bretagne, oriented to the South.

Date on map: 1583.
Copper engraving
Size: 33 x 51cm (13 x 20 inches)
Verso text: French
Condition: Old coloured.

From: Le nouveau mirroir des voyages et navigations. Antwerp, Jean Bellà¨re, 1600. (Koeman, Wag11A).

"Thanks to the unparalleled skill of the engravers, Baptist and Johannes van Deutecom, the original ms. charts by Waghenaer were transformed into the most beautiful maps of the period. The composition and the adornment have greatly contributed to the splendour of what originally were simple sketch-charts." (Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici)

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