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Antique map of Lisbon (Lisboa) + Cascale by Braun & Hogenberg

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Lisbona. Olisipo ... vulgo Lisbona Florentissimum Portugalliae Emporiv. [on sheet with] Cascale Lusitaniae Opp.. - Braun & Hogenberg, 1572-1624.

Antique map with two bird's-eye views of Lisbon and Cascale by Braun and Hogenberg.


TRANSLATION OF CARTOUCHE TEXT: Olisippo, or as can be read in inscriptions on ancient stones, Ulysippo, commonly known as Lisbon, is a flourishing trade centre in Portugal.

COMMENTARY BY BRAUN (on verso): "Lisbon can be counted amongst the oldest Spanish cities. Originally founded on a high hill on the banks of the Tejo, the city now covers numerous mountains and valleys. On this site can be found an old and rambling royal palace, magnificently decorated: to the north lies an important convent belonging to the Poor Clares, somewhat secluded on the River Tejo."

Lisbon's appearance in second place in the Civitates is certainly no accident, since by the start of the 16th century Lisbon already numbered 350,000 inhabitants and thus ranked amongst the largest of all the most famous cities. The densely packed houses in the engraving underline this fact. Emphasis is also placed upon the harbour and shipyards, highlighting Lisbon's importance as a cosmopolitan centre of trade. Lisbon was the Portuguese city that profited the most from the expansion of the Portuguese global empire, which began in 1499 after Vasco da Gama's voyages of discovery and led to the colonies in Asia and South America. Pope Alexander VI also underlined Portugal's importance with the coronation of Manuel I as "Lord of the conquest, navigation and commerce of India, Ethiopia, Arabia and Persia."


COMMENTARY BY BRAUN (on verso): "North of Lisbon lies the town of Cascale, which is particularly suitable as a safe harbour owing to its natural possition with many inlets, since the big ships can find a sheltered anchorage here during rough seas and can wait for a fair wind. [...] In a winding bay on the same shoreline lies the small town of Belém with a mighty church that is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary."

Cascais and Belém are two small towns in the vicinity of Lisbon. They are seen in a low, bird's-eye perspective from the sea. The fishing village of Cascais, today a tourist destination and a popular beach resort, lies on a bay on the Atlantic coast some 25 km west of Lisbon. Belém was incorporated into Lisbon in 1885 and lies to the west of the city centre. The church of Santa Maria mentioned by Braun served the former Hieronymite monastery (c. 1502-1572). (Taschen)

Copper engraving
Size: 35 x 48cm (13.7 x 18.7 inches)
Verso text: Latin
Condition: Superb old colour.
Condition Rating: A
References: Van der Krogt 4, 2412, State 2; Taschen, Braun and Hogenberg, p.50

From: Civitates Orbis Terrarum, ... Part 1. Köln, 1572-1624.

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