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Old, antique map of Africa by W. Blaeu.

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*** Carte à figures ***

Africae nova descriptio. - Blaeu W., 1635.

Old, antique map of Africa by W. Blaeu.

Date of the first edition: 1630
Date of this map: 1635

Copper engraving
Size: 41 x 55.5cm (16 x 21.6 inches)
Verso text: Latin
Condition: Contemporary old coloured, excellent..
Condition Rating: A
References: Schilder 6, 11.3; Betz, 57.2; Van der Krogt 2, 8600:2, Norwich O.I, 32.

From: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, W.& J. Blaeu, 1635. (Van der Krogt 2, 101)
"This is one of the most decorative and popular of all the early maps of Africa. The cartouche is not very elaborate but it is surmounted by what appears to be a lion with a flowing mane. The map itself is decorated with ships - seven in the Atlantic and two in the Indian Ocean - all flying Dutch flags; flying fish, whales and monsters are used to fill in the spaces in the oceans while elephants, monkeys and lions, ostriches and camels are depicted wandering all over the continent. Each side border is filled with decorative vignettes of costumed couples from various parts of Africa. The top border features oval vignettes of nine principal cities. The Nile is shown according to Ptolemy with its sources arising in Lakes Zaire and Zaflan; the fictitious Lake Sachaf of Laurent Fries appears, and the R. de Spirito Santo. The only names shown at the Cape are coastal ones, engraved inwards to give an appearance of fullness to the map, leaving the contours clear and sharp." (Norwich)

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