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Old, antique Ptolemy map of Scandinavia by Marcus Beneventanus

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*** First copperplate map of Scandinavia ***

Tabula Moderna Prussie - Livonie Norvegie et Gottie - Marcus Beneventanus, 1507.

Old, antique Ptolemy map of Scandinavia by Marcus Beneventanus

Date of the first edition: 1507
Date of this map: 1507

Copper engraving, printed on two sheets, joined.
Size along top: 31.5 x 32cm (12.3 x 12.5 inches); at bottom: 31.5 x 57cm (12.3 x 22.1 inches)
Verso: Blank
Condition: Some creasing and wear in the centre, vertical fold at 35mm from the right edge.
Condition Rating: B
References: Ginsberg (Scandinavia), 4.

From: In hoc Operae Haec Contine[n]tur Geographia Cl. Ptholemaei ... Rome, Bernardinus Venetus de Vitalibus, 1507.

This map was one of the 6 additional maps added to the 27 traditional Ptolemaic maps. It is a copy of the Ulm Scandinavia map, but is here engraved on copper for the first time.
Beneventanus, together with Joannes Cota of Verona, also revised and edited for this 1507 edition the Latin translation of Jacobus Angelus.

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